OpenERP Installation in Ubuntu 12.04LTS

Update the packages in the serve before starting the the installation. To update the VPS :

Add an openerp user to own and run the application.

Note that a “home” of /opt/openerp has been specified, this is where the OpenERP server code will reside and is created automatically by the command above.

Install postgresql

Switch to postgres user to create database

Now create database

Provide password when prompted.

Type exit to switch user.

Install required python dependencies

Download openerp 7.0

Now extract the tarball

Change the ownership of the files to the Openerp user we created earlier.

Rename the directory to server for later use

Copy the conf file to /etc

Now change the ownership

Edit openerp-server.conf and edit the line db_password = False. Replace False with the password you provided for postgres user and db_user=admin with your postgres user.

Also add the line below to specify the log file

Switch to openerp user

You will see a messages saying openerp is running you have completed your installation successfully.

In your browser type http://<IPaddress>:8069 to verify

Replace the contents of the file /opt/openerp/server/install/openerp-server.init with the file below

Copy that file to /etc/init.d and rename it as

Make the script executable and owned by root

Set the location of openerp log file and make it writable by openerp.

To make openerp start at boot

Now openerp will start at boot.

That’s it!!