This article describes how to use the virus scanner in cPanel to scan your account files for viruses, trojan horses, and other types of malware. You can scan e-mail files, files in public web and FTP directories, or your entire account.

Following steps will guide you to scan your web-space and help you to keep it clean.

1. Access cpanel

You should enter the cPanel username and password to get in to the cpanel.

2. Navigate to

advanced >> virus scanner

3. Selecting virus scanner will give you a new interface showing the possible options.

4. Select any of the option as per your requirement, here we select “Scan Entire Home Directory” – Entire contents of the web-space will be scanned.

5. Click scan now.

6. In case of no infected files, you will get a message like “Virus scan complete. no virus found”. If the scan finds any threats, any of the following method should be performed to cleanup the webfiles.

7.Click Process Cleanup.
That’s it! Keep the website clean and secure!