Creating account

You can create a domain via whm >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account. [link for accessing whm: https://ipaddress:2087/] The steps for creating an account are given below: 1. Click on the Create a New Account link in the Account Functions menu. 2. If you want to use a predefined package for this account, […]

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Cpanel scripts

When cPanel & WHM is installed, a number of predefined scripts become available in your server’s /scripts directory. One can use any of the scripts simply by typing its location in a terminal session. For example, if we wanted to run the update script, we would type:

The available scripts are:-


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Chkservd service

Chkservd is a service running on Cpanel servers. It monitors other service, if any of the service that is monitored by chkservd is found down, chkservd will restart the service and notify server admin. You can enable/disable services to be monitored by going to Service Configuration >> Service Manager in WebHostManager. Alternatively, you may configure […]

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Change IP address of a domain

You can change the IP address of a domain via WHM and from back-end. Via WHM – Recommended 1. Log in to the WHM as root/reseller. 2. Move to Change Site’s IP Address under Account Functions.   3. Select the domain and click Change. 4. In the window that follows, select the IP address to […]

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Changing cPanel account password

You might have come across multiple errors after a simple account password change. This KB article helps you to get it done with ease. You may change the password via shell/WHM/cPanel, as explained below:- Shell/ Back-end If you have the shell access, you may run the following cPanel scripts.

WHM 1. Login to WHM. […]

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Change FTP port

This article helps you to change the FTP port in a cPanel server. Pure-FTP 1) Edit /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and look for the following line:

Where addr is a publically routable IP. The default example,, will cause the socket to bind locally but then this connection won’t serve externally. port is the new port you […]

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