In cPanel/WHM, Exim uses main server’s IP to send mails, it can be changed to any other available IP in the server using the following procedure.

We can also consider it as a temporary workaround to the blacklist problem due to spam issues, and as mentioned, it is a temporary solution, you have to make sure that you identify and stop the outgoing spam mails from the server, for a permanent resolution to the blacklist.

a) Get in to WHM
b) Search for Exim Configuration Editor
c) Check the box next to:
d) Send outgoing mail from the ip that matches the domain name in /etc/mailips
e) Now click on Save
f) Now login to server ssh with root
g) Edit the file /etc/mailips
h) Add *: ReplacewithnewIP
i) Restart the exim service on server , with service exim restart command
j) Now edit the exim configuration file with command vi /etc/exim.conf
k) Find the entry remote_smtp
l) You can see an entry shown as below

You have to change it to:

m) you must click Save button to reflect the changes and then restart the exim service on the server.

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